Located in the center of the Hwange National Park, Sinamatella is one of the three areas of the park, not to mention the “pic nic sites” that can be transformed into “overnight camps”. The campsite is located on a hill overlooking the park, to our surprise it was a real favorite for us.

Review 4 stars for the game reserve for Eyes On The Bush - Good to go

In the heart of Hwange National Park, the Sinamatella camp offers a superb cliffside view: an incredible plain stretching as far as the eye can see, between bush and water. For more information, see also our review of the Hwange NP.

Review 4 stars for the camp for Eyes On The Bush - Good to go

We were greeted at the front desk by a ranger who handled the conservation fees (US $ 10 for the car and US $ 10 for each adult overnight) and to collect the amount of the campite which is not very expensive, $ 34. He gave us a map of the park and advised us about the places to visit for our afternoon. The camp staff will be very helpful throughout our stay.

4 or 5 campsites are located on the edge of the hill. Each has its own location for making fire, and a small stone corner attendant to a good braai.

The view from above is beautiful, especially in the early morning when the sun rises on Hwange. The site offers common toilets and showers, rather clean but very old.

In early July, we were the only ones present on the site at our arrival. The feeling of isolation mixed with the wild side of the place will make our experience quite captivating, extended in the early morning by a few toasts grilled on a fleeting fire.

An excellent memory, that we wish for all of you at least once in your life…

Review 4 stars conclusion for Eyes On The Bush - Good to go

We had seen pictures of Sinamatella before we were there, but however it was a very pleasant surprise. A well-placed camp, where we heard lions roaring down below in the valley, a sight that will be remembered; to sum up a camp to advise for nature lovers.

We love

  • The panoramic view of the Hwange National Park.
  • The wild feeling and the roars of lions in the valley.
  • To have been alone in the camp, but that does not count!

We regret

  • Too old common facilities.


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