A few meters from the Crocodile bridge gate is the Crocodile Bridge camp, intimate and wild. This camp is on a human scale, compared to other camps in the Kruger National Park.

Review 4 stars for the game reserve for Eyes On The Bush - Good to go

The Crocodile Bridge area is located at the southern end of the national park. The camp opens its doors on vast plains where one can find water points, wooded territories and plains.

The roads from the South – Advices

You can take the H4-2 to go north towards Lower Sabie camp and you can stop very quickly at Gezantfombi waterhole viewpoint to contemplate if you are lucky elephants or giraffes come to drink. We were very lucky there at the end of the day.

Going north, you can turn right towards the east and then north on the Nhlowa road. This is probably one of our favorite gravel roads in the park. For having surveyed it for several weeks, we very often met cheetahs (after 15 we stopped counting!), lions, zebras, elephants, wildebeests and antelopes of all kinds.

Up north, do not miss the Ntandanyathi hide, very wild and rewarding : often frequented by elephants and pod of hippos. Really a way not to be missed (especially a good idea before sunset, to go down to the Crocodile Bridge camp coming from the north).

Review 4 stars for the camp for Eyes On The Bush - Good to go

A small camp like we would want more! It has only 20 chalets (plus campsite units), most of them facing the bush, despite a wire fence securing the entire camp between you and the wilderness. This defect is unfortunately inherent in all the “rest camps” of Kruger National Park, for obvious safety reasons.

Our cottage was equipped with a bathroom, two single beds and a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a braai outdoors. As usual in the national park, the accommodation is clean, rather in good condition but never pouring into the luxurious.

The camp offers a general store where you can find frozen meat (try impala boerewors or any other meat called “venison”, game). The quality is quite convincing, the price too. You can easily shop in the stores in the Kruger Park camps without having to shop outside the park.

Obviously, given the size of the camp, the store has the necessary equipment without offering as many choices as its counterpart in Lower Sabie or Skukuza for example.

Be careful, the camp does not have a restaurant, you will have to plan to dine in your cottage, doing your shopping for example at the camp shop. A gas station is also available at this park entrance. To make or perfect your stock of wood, you can find on the edge of the road, before arriving at the Crocodile Bridge Gate, many local people selling you some firewood.

Review 4 stars conclusion for Eyes On The Bush - Good to go

Simple, intimate, wild. This camp has attracted us by its convenience when you arrive straight from Johannesburg (450 km, about 4 h 30 drive from Johannesburg OR Tambo airport), or when you wish to make your last evening on the road of the southern plains. Not the level of Lower Sabie, but very convenient if this camp is, as usual, full!

We love

  • The intimacy of the camp.
  • The feeling of immersion in the bush.

We regret

  • No restaurant, however the camp is even more wild.
  • The fact that the camps are closed (a recurring but logical defect for security, identical in all camps in Kruger Park).


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